Reaching People Where They Live

Q-Care support professionals are trained to provide the exact level of support for each person, in a home environment, to help them live a fully independent life. Whether it’s teaching someone to budget, helping with personal care, or providing for families, Q-Care is here to support.

Q-Care works with people in their homes to work towards independence and community exploration. Meeting everyone where they are and following their lead is important to Q-Care’s person-centered beliefs.

From shopping and medical management to attending the theater and going to restaurants, Q-Care works with our individuals, their families, and friends to understand and use natural supports. To this end, Q-Care is committed to helping each individual actively direct their own life.

a caregiver and a person with down syndrome smiling

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where people are encouraged to reach, strive, and succeed in their goals by promoting independence, responsibility, dignity, choice, and education.

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