Welcome to Our Club House

Q-Care will provide community development services through a club house design. Q-Care’s club house is designed to offer people an alternative to traditional day or vocational services.

The club house model will provide participants with several activities to choose from each month. Activities may include but are not limited to community exploration, building connections, learning daily living skills, travel training, money management, exploring new hobbies, and encouraging self-advocacy.

Each week participants will decide which groups they would like to join. Individuals are free to change groups each day to accommodate their personal preferences and their PCP goals. Groups will be kept small with a limit of 1 to 4 participants.

a caregiver and a person with down syndrome smiling

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where people are encouraged to reach, strive, and succeed in their goals by promoting independence, responsibility, dignity, choice, and education.

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